Follow the usage instructions

Improper use can damage your chair, please always use your chair safely.

Keep away from liquids

Immediately clean up any spills and only sit on your Karnox chair after you have completely dried off from clean.

Don't hurt it

Keep your chair away from impacts, drops, and sharp objects.

Avoid high heatDon't exposure to high heat (we strongly advise against sunlight for a long time to maintain the integrity and quality of the Leather and Fabric)

Careful of pets

Claws and teeth can damage leatherette and other parts of your chair, so do take extra care around your pets.

Karnox NANO³ Leatherette and Micro NAPA Leather
Karnox NANO³ Leatherette and Micro NAPA Leather are naturally resistant to stains and easy to clean. It’s recommended that you wipe the chair down with a damp cloth removing any dirt and light stains. Leave to air dry before using again.

Karnox Livorno Fabric

When cleaning Karnox Livorno Fabric Chair, you should first vacuum the surface with a vacuum cleaner to remove excess dust and dirt. Once complete, you can use a cleaning foam for fabric furniture and lightly wipe.
Finally, leave your Karnox chairs to dry first until it feels dry to the touch before using.

Karnox Ultra-Tara
Karnox Ultra-Tara fabric feature suede accents, suede is not water-resistant, spills should be immediately blotted up with a dry cloth or paper towel.
To get rid of loose particles and dirt, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe against the suede.


The Karnox chair's parts — such as the armrests, tilt mechanism, base, wheels and so on — do not need much maintenance, as long as they are used in a normal manner. If you have any issues with our parts, please contact us.