Set Your Mind Free

    On this afternoon of light and shadow, I sat comfortably in my chair, enjoying the beauty and emotion brought by the music. The sun was streaming down on my desk through the window, all of these reminds me of the central idea conveyed in “LongVacation”——take a break if you are confused about life. I felt so relaxed and confident that I had time to calm down and think about what I really like, which leads me to find my true inner feelings.


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In a comfortable chair, I was able to better concentrate on my thoughts and emotions. In the light and shadow, accompanied by music, I felt like my soul had found a new direction that belongs to me .

At this moment, I have a clear understanding of what I like and care about. Full of confidence and courage for my future development. I firmly believe that   I can find my true direction by acting upon these understandings and become a more authentic and fulfilling person.

This comfortable environment and internal emotional reflection are essential experiences in today's rapidly evolving society. While it's important to constantly expose ourselves to new things and ideas, we also need time and space to think, find our own values and pursue our own directions. In this comfortable environment, attentively listening to music, I recharge myself and embark on a journey from the heart to discover a better version of myself.