Exploring a Mysterious Planet

“The Gaea”, an extraterrestrial civilization exploration spacecraft, unexpectedly landed on a mysterious green planet while crossing the central region of Taurus.

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In the core vegetation area of the planet, explorers discovered many huge sculptures. Most of the sculptures are shaped like science fiction-style seats, with the word "KARNOX" engraved on them, perhaps a code name for some civilization.

There are also some spherical humanoid face sculptures, with yellow eyes in an inverted triangle shape, wearing yellow headphones, dignified and full of personality.

According to the information analyzed from the probe, this area is only a small part of this planet. In addition to these magnificent and mysterious sculptures, there are many small and peculiar ruins, as well as various plants that adventurers have never seen before. Perhaps, as the exploration progresses, more incredible discoveries are waiting for adventurers.