American Journey

With the increasing development of communication technology and transportation, people can go anywhere they want to go. Even if you are sitting in the chairs, you can view the world through internet. For example, Times Square in New York, the United States, where called "crossroads of the world". You will marvel at the city's prosperity when you actually here. When you are standing in the flow of people, passing by people from different places, who might be citizens, or tourists, looking at the towering buildings, can not help but think of the wonderful of world.


Next station is Golden Gate Bridge, a spectacular project located in San Francisco. This bridge might impress you deeply when you see it. The bridge spans the mouth of San Francisco Bay, and the entire bridge is fire-red in color, with stunning scenery.


The Statue of Liberty, a famous attraction in New York City, is a symbol of freedom from tyranny. Passengers on board ships entering New York Harbor can see the Statue of Liberty standing tall holding the torch of freedom, this extraordinary scenery touched people's hearts deeply.

In fact, in addition to people, objects are also the same. Because of the global connection, the world has become a huge net, even a small thing at your side, it may be from some far away across the sea. When you see a foreign friend sitting in the same chair on the Internet, you may think how small of the world.