Why Choose Karnox?

I was hooked when I first saw Karnox on Instagram, which completely met my imagination of a gaming chair. What matters most is that it’s my favorite color - purple! So I immediately placed an order on the official website.



Actually, I still have some concerns while waiting for the delivery. I used to hear people talk a lot about how useless gaming chairs are and how uncomfortable they are compared with an ergonomic chair; it is flashy, has no innovation, and fits nobody. However, all my worries melted away when I received the delivery. I have found that it is totally stereotypical and biased toward gaming chairs. Simple and elegant lines, perfect color matching, soft seat, ergonomic radian... Karnox didn't let me down!



Now, karnox is almost my best friend. It accompanies me every day to work, play games and watch movies. And my kitten likes to sleep on it, too. Thanks, Karnox! I'll come again if I need one.