Recall Pixel Art🌞

There is no doubt that pixel art game is no stranger to anyone, especially in the past. This style may accompany you through the most wonderful period of time, and occupies an irreplaceable position in your heart.

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Today, the pixel art is no longer just a game, it has been integrated into our lives, including advertisements, illustrations, games, magazines and so on. In a small lattice behind, you can image that there is another wonderful and colorful world.

There have been a lot of pixel-based arts throughout history. Thanks to the game industry, pixel art have really become a popular style and are well known toworld. When the game industry wasn't so developed, using the pixel art was a kind of “compromise”, because people needed to simplify the game's interface to improve fluency. For instance, many years ago, the popular games“Pac-man and“Contra”, and our memories of childhood“Pokemon”, even today“Minecraft”, a game which is popular around the world. These are all signs that while pixel art games are a product of the past, they have always been popular and have never left the stage, so people have a natural affinity for pixel art games. Those pixel art images, growing up with a generation of people, witnessing their most wonderful happy time, gradually people take the pixel art as a style, and to create it.

Therefore, I wonder if you can recall some of your memories when you see the pixelated K?